Plum Pudding - Mallory Park
For Christmas I asked my parents if I could have a bit of money from them to go towards a lens that I've been trying to save up for. They decided to buy it for me! Which I cannot thank them enough for!
I knew I was getting it for Christmas before the day so naturally I went searching the internet for the closest Motorsport event I could get to to test it out with no idea that I would be able to test it out so soon. So, on Boxing Day I got to test out my new Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 at Mallory Park. It also happened to be a miserable day so I got to test the weather proofing of it too, and my brand new flash folding umbrella from my fiancee. And my cars traction control when I got stuck in the field trying to get out (Not great) thankfully a couple of guys pushed me enough to get my momentum going.
There was one benefit, a rare opportunity for a high chance of spins and falls due to the event being catered for amateur racers, probably not seen the same way for the drivers and riders...
Check out some of the best shots of the day