British GT Media Day - Snetterton
Yesterday, I ticked off another British circuit on my bucket list, Snetterton.
A 5 am start was a bit of a shock to the system, but if I wanted to be there for the start then I needed to drag my body out of bed ready for the 3-hour drive down. I had been planning the gear I was taking the entire week prior so I was adequately prepared for the inevitable cold, wind & rain. So, with 2 litres of tea, a flask of soup & all the winter clothes to be able to survive an arctic storm, I was comfortable all day.
The day was all it had promised, cold, wet and colourful. But, after what seemed like an ever-lasting off-season, I was so glad to be back trackside that I only noticed the weather when using it to set the scene in my photos. 
I was blessed with some epically moody skies to lend an incredible backdrop to what must be the most colourful grid of British GT cars in years. My friends and I have always complained about the staggering volume of white-based cars, but British GT just doesn't do white. 
Except for the Century Motorsport M4's, that can be forgiven, running a rather classy typical BMW livery, and the HHC McLaren 570S GT4's, the cars that make up the grid are as colourful as some of the NASCAR's & Australian Supercars. The Balfe Motorsport 570S GT4 car's livery is even designed by Nick Moss, the guy behind some of the best looking Supercar's liveries ever.
Most of the day I was shooting with low shutter speeds, trying to practice my panning for the upcoming season. In total I took almost 2500 shots, my keep rate isn't great but the practice is invaluable.
One thing I felt was the unfamiliarity of the circuit, just getting the sense that I was following fellow photographers around trying to see what angles they were using. I found a few places that I liked but I felt restricted to one part of the circuit through not knowing where to go. The more I go the better I will become acquainted with the best locations, this visit was a 'getting to know' one.
One thing is for sure though, I can't wait for Oulton Park in April!
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